Telluride, the perfect little town to raise a family

According to a new study published by the American Enterprise Institute, marriage facilitates income pooling and economic growth. States with a higher percentage of married families actually enjoy a higher level of educational performance, lower crime rates and a better standard of living. Although the published study focuses on individual states in general, it is very important to point out that such findings apply directly to smaller communities that make each states. 

Colorado was ranked 13th in the nation for children living in married-parent households at 72%, an impressive percentage for a state with a population of less than 5.4 million. Utah was ranked first at 82% for children living in married-parent households. Telluride, Colorado is a unique small community and home to the world’s friendliest ski resort, where married-parent households are the majority of the residents and business owners in Telluride and Mountain Village. To that end, most community related public spending votes in the town of Telluride are usually focused on funding projects that can help local kids excel in education, as well as, providing extra curriculum activities and physical education activities that can help improve their development and widen their spectrum on life in general.

Telluride is home to one of the best school districts in Colorado, multiple parks and play grounds, unbelievable library facility, art, dance and theater programs, summer outdoor activities and winter ski PE programs, 15 mph in-town speed limit and no violent crimes; Simple everyday facts that truly made Telluride the perfect Colorado town for raising a family with unparalleled educational and safety records. 

The small community of this gorgeous ski resort town that has a population of less then 3000 and was very successful at building an incredible atmosphere for kids where they can be active and continuously-learning throughout the entire year.