AT&T network in Mountain Village upgraded to 4G LTE

AT&T has finally upgraded cell towers and bandwidth in Mountain Village to accommodate for the increasing demand on mobile data traffic in the Ski Town.  For the past few years, using AT&T in Mountain Village was a painful experience with frequent dropped calls, missed calls and text messages and slow-to-zero data access.  The majority of my clients who have purchased a second home in Mountain Village are AT&T users and it was very disappointing to many of them to learn that AT&T does not work well in Mountain Village, while the Telluride downtown area has blazing fast LTE coverage.

I have spent the past year calling AT&T customer service regarding their weak and slow network in Mountain Village and I was told every time that I need to use the "Mark the Spot" App to report any outages/slow network.  I downloaded the App and started using it and for a while it felt that I was just dropping access logs and other data including my description of the problem in to the ocean and I had given up on AT&T in Mountain Village.

A few months ago, I decided that it was time to cancel my AT&T account and signup with Verizon Wireless, known to work very well in Mountain Village.  After spending few minutes on the phone with the cancelation department, the customer service representative convinced my to stay with AT&T by upgrading a few aspects on my wireless package and she offered to send me an AT&T micro-cell mini tower for me to use in my remote office located in Mountain Village. I accepted the offer and decided not to leave AT&T since they have been great, for the most part, specially when I visit the USVI's or do any international traveling.

As I was going up the gondola from Telluride to Mountain Village few days ago, as I look down on my phone, I noticed that the ugly 4G notification indicator had been replaced with an LTE one and I was very shocked.  I rebooted my phone just to make sure that I was not still picking up a signal from towers located behind me in the downtown Telluride area.  To my joy LTE was still indicated as I came down the opposite hillside into the core of Mountain Village; it looks like LTE is here to stay in Mountain Village.