Telluride Ski & Golf are the new operators of the Peaks Resort and Spa

Telluride Ski & Golf are the new operators of the Peaks Resort and Spa as of Thursday, July 23, 2015.  Telski maintains that the property shall be brought up to the high end hotel it was intended to be.  The Peaks Resort and Spa is a ski-in/ski-out, full service hotel which will complement the ski area owner’s other holdings and is adjacent to the Telluride Ski and Golf Club.  The purchase includes more than 73,000 square feet of commercial real estate space including the 42,000 square foot spa with 32 treatment rooms and indoor/outdoor swimming pools.  Telski will also take over the management of the HOA for the property including the See Forever condominium association.

As the ski resort continues to be ranked in the top 5 in Conde Nast, Forbes, and many other online surveyor of destination resorts across North America and beyond, it makes sense for Telluride Ski and Golf to continue with its hotel acquisitions with this flagship property.  Early in 2013 the resort owner purchased the Inn at Lost Creek and has won several awards from TripAdvisor and  They intend to continue to elevate guest service and experience as well as allow the resort to cater to larger events encompassing the Peaks high end accommodations with the Conference Center sales.

The Peaks was built in 1992 on donated land from Telski and has had various different owners over the years. It is one of the largest operations in the town of Mountain Village and Telluride Ski and Golf envisions its return to grandeur under the command of their highly experienced management team of Grand Heritage Hotels & Resorts.  There will be changes to make on the hotel side of things and what those are are still up for discussion with the current staff and management and those of Grand Heritage.  All in all the future looks bright for the Peaks Resort and Spa!

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