The Benefits of a Buyer's Agent

A Buyer's Agent is obligated to work for you as a buyer, while a listing agent is obligated to work for the seller.


Most homebuyers and real estate investors choose a real estate agent to locate the right property and safely complete the buying process. Many buyers complain about their experiences when dealing with aggressive listing agents and therefore choose to use a buyer’s Agent.  Buyers have discovered that dealing with a buyer’s agent serves their best interests, is more relaxing and the perfect choice to get the best deal. 

Buyer’s agents and Listing agents can set up property showings and complete the purchase process, however, listing agents represent the sellers. A buyer's agent represents the buyer and protects the buyer’s interests during property selection, price negotiating and closing processes. 

Why use a Buyer's Agent?

A buyer’s agent will:

  1. Protect buyer’s interests by providing detailed data and set up property showings for all properties available on the market that fulfill a buyer’s criteria and price range
  2. Aggressively bargain with the seller on the price of the property
  3. Facilitates property inspection
  4. Negotiates and facilitates for seller paid repairs if needed after inspection
  5. Negotiates contingencies and deadlines