An Overview of the Buying Process

  1. Initial Consultation
    • My role as a Buyer's Agent
    • Understanding your needs, expectations and price point
    • Narrowing your home search criteria based on property age, location, amenities extra photos and property video walk-throughs that can be viewed online
  2. Property Selection
    • Touring neighborhoods and viewing properties
    • Understanding the importance of location and Telluride's free transportation system
    • Making an offer on a favorite property / starting the purchasing process
  3. Financing
    • Cash Buyers are common in Telluride. Cash offers enhance the sellers confidence and have helped many buyers secure lower average sales price
    • Loan Pre-qualification is needed to submit the initial offer when full cash financing is not an option. In most cases a Pre-qualification letter can be issued by a financial institution in less than a week and as fast as few days.
    • Local mortgage firms understand Telluride and have always successfully provided mortgages in our unique market area where national providers have failed.
  4. Making an Offer
    • Making the initial offer based on current market value, comparable properties and a starting price
    • Earnest money deposit are held on the behalf of the buyer and seller by the Title Company showing the buyer's good faith intentions to close the transaction
    • Meeting all contract deadlines and timely submission of any objection to terminate the contract upon the failure of loan fulfillment, inspection or any other reason documented in the contract
    • Understanding the state of a property given all provided disclosures and inspections
  5. Closing
    • Understanding the role of a Title Company in collecting all required documents and signatures from both the buyer and the seller to insure a fair and smooth transaction and closing with recording of the deed transfer.